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Ellen (Sister) Gresock (1913 - )


The picture above shows Sr. Ellen in front of the church where her parents were married in Yatesboro, PA.


Genetic parents:
  Father: Gresock, John Sr. - 717 (1887 - 1919)
  Mother: Kuzma, Ellen - 686 (1893 - 1984)
Genetic children:
Other relations:
    Gresock, John Jr. - 738 (1911 - 1986)
    Gresock, Mary Helen Sister - 739 (1912 - 1974)
    Gresock, Samuel - 740 (1915 - 1999)
    Gresock, Ethel - 742 (1917 - 1921)
    Gresock, Joseph - 743 (1919 - 1935)
Basic data:
  Birthday xxx, 1913
  Birth location Robins, OH, Guernsey County
  Death date  
  Death location  
Contact information:
  US Mail  
History and Miscellaneous:
   Ellen taught in various schools in the Pittsburgh area.  She entered the convent (Sisters of St. Francis in Millvale) at any early age.

Sr. Ellen was baptized "Grisak".  She has over 90 first cousins.

Click here for pictures of Sr. Ellen prior to 1974.


The picture below show Ellen with Rose (July 2007).

The picture below shows Ellen with Helen Manning Sargent (July 2007).


The picture below shows Ellen at the grave of her sister Ethyl in Sagamore, PA.










The picture below shows Rose and her family at her 50th jubilee (August 2007).  Standing: (Rose, Rosemarie Sargent, Helen Manning, Carol , Fran, Bill, Therese, Marilyn, Paul, MaryEllen). Sitting: (AnnaMae, Sr. Ellen, Sr. Katherine Johnson, Glenn)



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