Individual Research History for:

Mary Helen (Sister) Gresock (1912 - 1974)


The picture above shows Mary (left) with her brother John and sister Ellen.  1928.

Genetic parents:
  Father: Gresock, John Sr. - 717 (1887 - 1919)
  Mother: Kuzma, Ellen - 686 (1893 - 1984)
Genetic children:
Other relations:
    Gresock, John Jr. - 738 (1911 - 1986)
    Gresock, Ellen Sister - 741 (1913 - 2017)
    Gresock, Samuel - 740 (1915 - 1999 )
    Gresock, Ethel - 742 (1917 - 1921)
    Gresock, Joseph - 743 (1919 - 1935)
Basic data:
  Birthday August 28, 1912
  Birth location Robins, OH, Guernsey County
  Death date March 21, 1974
  Death location Mt. Alvernia Convent, Pittsburgh, PA
Contact information:
  US Mail  
History and Miscellaneous:
   Mary Helen taught various schools in the Pittsburgh area, and also taught in Puerto Rico during World War II.  She entered the convent (Sisters of St. Francis in Millvale) at an early age.

The picture below shows Mary Helen (standing far right)  in 1931 with (standing) Sr. Ellen Gresock, Joseph Kuzma, Anna Grega, and Joseph Gresock and (sitting) Sr. Roseleen Kuzma and Anna Mae Kuzma).

The picture below shows Mary Helen (left) with her sister Ellen (about 1936).

The picture below shows Ellen Kuzma (second from left) with daughters Mary Helen Gresock (far left) and Ellen Gresock; Anna Kuzma (second from right) and daughter Mary Adelaide Sargent (far right).

The picture below shows Mary Helen (middle) with Paul Kuzma (grandfather), Anna Grega, Ellen Grega and Joe Grega in June 22, 1929.

The picture below shows Mary later in life.

The picture below shows Mary in her teens.



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