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John Gresock Jr. (1911 - 1986)


The picture above shows Johnnie with his sisters Mary (left) and Ellen (right). 1928.

Genetic parents:
  Father: Gresock, John Sr. - 717 (1887 - 1919)
  Mother: Kuzma, Ellen - 686 (1893 - 1984)
Genetic children:
Other relations:
    Gresock, Mary Helen Sister - 739 (1912 - 1974)
    Gresock, Ellen Sister - 741 (1913 - 2017
    Gresock, Samuel - 740 (1915 - 1999)
    Gresock, Ethel - 742 (1917 - 1921)
    Gresock, Joseph - 743 (1919 - 1935)
Basic data:
  Birthday May 27, 1911
  Birth location Yatesboro, Armstrong Co, PA
  Death date October 5, 1986
  Death location Erie, Pa, Calvary Cemetery - Erie, PA Sec 36 No 189
Contact information:
  US Mail  
History and Miscellaneous:
  Johnnie's nickname was "Whitey" because of his white hair.  He loved fishing, gardening, cutting wood in the back yard, raising vegetables.  He worked in factories to help support his mother (his father died in a mine accident).

He loved to go blackberry picking and often took Joe Kuzma's children with him in his jeep.

One funny story is that Johnnie would take some of his cousins out picking blackberries on farms in the country.  On the way there they got hungry and he would buy a loaf of bread and pound of big baloney.  They would stop at an unknown farm and remove a head of cabbage to make the rest of the cabbage/baloney sandwich (no ketchup or mustard of course).  

The picture below shows Johnie (right) with his mother Ellen, Al Margetta, Sr. Ellen Gresock, Br. Sam Gresock, Sr. Adalaide Sargent at his sister's Mary Helen's funeral in 1974.

The picture below shows Johnnie in 1943 on Pennsylvania Avenue in Erie, PA.



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