Individual Research History for:

John Gresock Sr. (1887 - 1919)

Genetic parents:
  Father: Gresock, John - 948
  Mother: Somska, Anna - 955
Genetic children:
  Son Gresock, John Jr. - 738 (1911 - 1986)
  Daughter Gresock, Mary Helen Sister - 739 (1912 - 1974)
  Daughter Gresock, Ellen Sister - 741 (1913 - 2017)
  Son Gresock, Samuel - 740 (1915 - )
  Daughter Gresock, Ethel - 742 (1917 - 1921)
  Son Gresock, Joseph - 743 (1919 - 1935)
Other relations:
Sister Gresock, Mary (1881 - xxx)
Brother Gresock, Mike (1884 - xxx)
Sister Gresock, Ann (1890 - xxx)
Brother Gresock, George (1891 - xxx)
Sister Gresock, Alice (1893 - xxx)
Brother Gresock, Joseph (1894 - xxx)
Brother Gresock, Peter (1895 - xxx)
Brother Gresock, Steve (1897 - xxx)
Brother Gresock, Nicholas (1899 - xxx)
Brother Gresock, Andrew (1903 - xxx)
  Spouse Kuzma, Ellen - 686 (1893 - 1984)
Basic data:
  Birthday June 17, 1887
  Birth location Horatia, Jefferson Co, PA
  Death date August 18, 1919
  Death location Mine #1, Plumville, PA, Bur: St. Mary Gr Cath, Sagamore, PA
Contact information:
  US Mail  
History and Miscellaneous:
  Married September 11, 1910, St. Mary Yatesboro, Armstrong Co, PA.  He was baptized "Grisak", and the name on his tomb stone is "Johan Grisak."

His parents were married in Slovinky, Slovakia and came here with two children: Mary (who married John Tushim) and Mike (who married Mary Cechovic).  John was the first to be born in the US, followed by 8 more siblings.  His grandparents were George and Julia Trojan.  His cousin Michael Grisack wrote two books about his life.  Michael writes that at his wedding, the reception started in Uncle John's house.  That was the father of this John Gresock. 

Coroner's Inspection reads as follows:
"December 31, 1919, Inspection filed.
Inspection Indented and taken at Plumville, Pa. in the County of Indiana on the 19th day of August A.D. 1919, before A. H. Stewart, Deputy Coroner of the County aforesaid, upon the view of the body of John Gresock, then and there lying dead, setting forth that, on August 18th, 1919, about 11:00 O'clock P.M., while at work in the mine of the Consolidated Coal and Coke Company near Plumville, Pa., the deceased came to his death as a result of a premature accidental explosion of dynamite."
Quarter Sessions Volume 21.  Page 457, #14 December Session, 1919

The picture below shows one of the mines in Sagamore and includes the workers homes at the top of the picture and the blacksmith shop at the left of the picture.





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