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Anthony Edward Margetta (1918 - 1969)


The picture above shows Anthony Margetta and relations.  TOP (unknown, Mary Rose Ellen Kuzma, Anna Grega, Andrew Margetta, Anthony Margetta, Sr. Elizabeth Roseleen Kuzma, Paul Kuzma) BOTTOM (Joseph Gresock, Anna Mae Kuzma) 1934

Genetic parents:
  Father:  Margetta, Andrew - 697 (1888 - 1946)
  Mother:  Kuzma, Mary Rose Ellen - 687 (1895 - 1975)
Genetic children:
   Daughter  Margetta, Sheridith Ann - 709 (1941 - )
Other relations:
   Brother  Margetta, Albert J. - 699 (1915 - 1987)
   Brother  Margetta Martin, Andrew Paul - 698 (1916 - 2002)
   Brother  Margetta, George - 1812 (1923 - 1923)
  Spouse  Midkiff, Betty Jo - 708 (1921 - 1984)
Basic data:
  Birthday  September 22, 1918
  Birth location  Sagamore, Armstrong Co, PA
  Death date  August 13, 1969
  Death location  Erie, PA, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Erie, PA
Contact information:
  US Mail  
History and Miscellaneous:
   Tony served in World War II and was a paratrooper in Germany.  When crossing one of the bridges in the War, the Germans attacked and almost everyone in his company was killed.  He was one of the few survivors.  

When he got out of the army, he worked in various construction positions and in shoe repair shops.  He moved to Florida for a time and help install glass in the Fort Lauderdale Coast Guard station after the affects of a hurricane.  He came back to Erie and worked in construction again.  

He also had his own glass shop in Oberlin Ohio and also lived in Kansas City, Mo, Vicksburg, Ms, Atlanta, Ga, etc.

He lived on the family farm for a while and built a one-car garage by himself.


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