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Ellen Kuzma (1893 - 1984)


The picture above shows Ellen with her parents and siblings.  TOP (Elizabeth Roseleen Kuzma, Mary Rose Kuzma, Joseph Kuzma, Ellen Kuzma, Anna Kuzma) BOTTOM (Albert Kuzma, Paul Kuzma, Rozalia Pirnaga, Rozalia Rose Kuzma).

Genetic parents:
  Father: Kuzma, Paul Alex - 684 (1859 - 1949)
  Mother: Pirnaga, Rozalia - 685 (1872 - 1936)
Genetic children:
  Son Gresock, John Jr. - 738 (1911 - 1986)
  Daughter Gresock, Mary Helen Sister - 739 (1912 - 1974)
  Daughter Gresock, Ellen Sister - 741 (1913 - 2017)
  Son Gresock, Samuel - 740 (1915 - )
  Daughter Gresock, Ethel - 742 (1917 - 1921)
  Son Gresock, Joseph - 743 (1919 - 1935)
Other relations:
  Sister Kuzma, Mary Rose Ellen - 687 (1895 - 1975)
  Sister Kuzma, Anna - 688 (1897 - 1974)
  Brother Kuzma, Joseph Andrew Paul - 672 (1903 - 1992)
  Brother Kuzma, Paul John - 691 (1904 - 1907)
  Brother Kuzma, Alexander John - 692 (1906 - 1907)
  Sister Kuzma, Elizabeth Sister Roseleen - 1261 (1907 - 1988)
  Sister Kuzma, Rozalia Rosie - 689 (1909 - 1921)
  Brother Kuzma, Albert - 690 (1912 - 1985)
  Spouse Gresock, John Sr. - 717 (1887 - 1919)
Basic data:
  Birthday September 1, 1893
  Birth location Slovakia
  Death date March 3, 1984
  Death location Erie, PA - Calvary Cemetery Erie, PA Sec 36 No 189
Contact information:
  US Mail  
History and Miscellaneous:
  Married September 11, 1910, St. Mary Yatesboro, Armstrong Co, PA

Ellen was born in Slovakia and Slovak was her native language.  She came to the US as a child (on the ship "Princess Irene on September 20, 1900 with her mother and sisters Mary and Anna) and mastered the English language as an expert.  Her husband died in a mining accident in 1919.

One funny story about Ellen was that when her sister-in-law (Anna Grega-Kuzma) went to the hospital in 1943 due to an auto-train accident, Ellen was put in charge of the house with all her nieces and nephews (6 of them).  Prior to that time the boys and girls shared household and dishwashing chores.  However, the first time Francis tried to help with the dishes, Ellen said "you boys go outside and help your father with yard work, the girls do the house work and dishes".  After Anna got home, the boys never had to do dishes again.  The boys from that time on only did the yard work and had to make sure the furnace was filled with wood and coal.

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The picture below shows Ellen with her sisters Ann (middle) and Mary Rose (right) and father in 1902.

The picture below shows Ellen with her children (approx 1920). (From left: John Jr., Joseph, Ellen, Ethel, Samuel, Ellen, Mary).

The picture below shows Ellen Kuzma (second from left) with daughters Mary Helen Gresock (far left) and Ellen Gresock; Anna Kuzma (second from right) and daughter Mary Adelaide Sargent (far right).

The picture below shows Ellen (left) with her nephew Albert Margetta and his wife Marian Jones.

The map below shows Ellen's birthplace in Slovakia.


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