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Anna Mae Kuzma (1931 - )


The picture above shows Anna Mae and her parents and siblings.  TOP (Paul, Joseph, Francis, Theresa, Michael), MIDDLE (Pauline, Rose, Mary Ellen, Anna Mae), BOTTOM (Glenn, Joseph, Anna, Marilyn), August 11, 1990

Genetic parents:
  Father: Kuzma, Joseph Andrew Paul - 672 (1903 - 1992)
  Mother: Grega, Anna Mary - 673 (1908 -- 1997)
Genetic children:
Other relations:
  Brother Kuzma, Francis Joseph - 675 (1932 - )
  Sister Kuzma, Theresa - 676 (1934 - )
  Brother Kuzma, Glenn Paul - 677 (1936 - )
  Brother Kuzma, Paul Raymand - 678 (1937 - )
  Sister Kuzma, Rose - 1262 (1939 - 1939)
  Sister Kuzma, Roselyn Clara Marie Sister -679 (1940 - )
  Brother Kuzma, Joseph Alexander - 680 (1942 - )
  Sister Kuzma, Mary Ellen Christine - 681 (1943 - )
  Sister Kuzma, Pauline Mary Christine - 165 (1943 - )
  Brother Kuzma, Michael John - 682 (1947 - )
  Sister Kzuma, Marilyn Ann - 683 (1948 - )
Basic data:
  Birthday xxx, 1931
  Birth location Erie, PA
  Death date  
  Death location  
Contact information:
  US Mail  
History and Miscellaneous:
  I am a Franciscan Sister for over 50 years, but was surrounded by Franciscan spirituality all of my life! My parents were Secular Franciscans, four of my relatives were Franciscan Sisters, and I was taught by our Franciscan Sisters at Holy Family School. As a small child, I came to understand that I was "made in God's image and likeness." This made an incredible impact on me, and I wanted to live a life-style that was God-focused. At the age of 12, our Pastor took me to see our Mother House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When I saw the statue of the Sacred Heart in the entrance, my heart throbbed, and I felt an urgency to be His voice and hands and feet. Inside I already said, "Yes, I will follow you and serve You, and continue to grow in Your image and likeness." I've been privy to serve in all levels from "womb to tomb" in education, administration, campus ministry, retreat work, and spiritual direction "Franciscan" style.

The picture below shows Anna Mae on her 50th with Msgr. Robert Smith (left) and Bishop Charles Chapot.


The picture below shows Anna Mae with her mother and MaryEllen and Pauline (1944).

The picture below shows Anna Mae with her sister Theresa and brother Francis (1938) at St. Matthews Church on Townhall Rd (Summit Township).

The picture below shows Anna Mae with other family members and friends in the St. Francis convent.  TOP (Mary Adelaide Sargent, Anna Mae Kuzma, Sr. Norberta Kralosky) BOTTOM (Ellen Gresock, Rose Kuzma, Elizabeth Roseleen Kuzma).

The picture below shows Anna Mae with Sr. Ellen in front of the Sacred Heart Shrine in Sagamore . Grandpa Paul Kuzma bought the statue.

Picture of Anna Mae at 60th jubilee.

Picture of Anna Mae (bottom row in habit) and family at 60th jubilee


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