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Steve Kurta (1896 - xxx)


The picture above shows Steven in the Army in 1922.

Genetic parents:
  Father: Kurta, Adras Andrew - 1250 (1856 - xxx)
  Mother: Nagy, Maria Sipos - 1689 (1863 - xxx)
Genetic children:
Other relations:
  Sister Kurta, Mary - 907 (1884 - 1978)
  Brother Kurta, Andrew - 1940 (1885 - 1889)
  Brother Kurta, Michael - 1930 (1888 - 1891)
  Sister Kurta, Elizabeth - 1252 (1892 - 1921)
  Brother Kurta, Francis - 2795 (1901 - 1903)
  Brother Kurta, John - 1254 (1905 - xxx)
Basic data:
  Birthday 1896
  Birth location Skaros, Slovakia
  Death date
  Death location
Contact information:
  US Mail  
History and Miscellaneous
  The picture below is of Steve Kurta when a young man.


The picture below shows Maria Kurta's grave (middle-back cross) in Skaros Cemetary.  Steve Kurta's grave is the cross at the bottom-left and Andrew Kurta is the middle.

Steve came to the US  on August 15.  The information is from the ship "Potomac" archives.

Day of departure: 28 Mai 1921        Archive Ident.No.: AIII15-28.05.1921
Captain:          Departure harbour: Bremen
Company: Nordd. Lloyd, Bremen        Destination harbour: New York


Trav.Class No. Family Name First name(s) Sex Age Fam.Status Place of residence Nationality State or province Profession Destination US-State Remarks
ohne Ang 15 Kurta Stefan m 24 verh Skaros  Tschechoslowakei   Landarbeiter Erie PA


The maps below show Steve's birth location in Slovakia.




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