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The Austrian surname Kuzma is of patronymic origin, deriving from the personal name of the father of the initial bearer. In this instance, the surname Kuzma derives from the personal name "Kuzma". Therefore, the surname Kuzma signifies "son or descendant of Kuzma". The personal name Kuzma is the Russian form of the name Cosmas deriving from the Greek "Kosmas", from "Kosmos" meaning "order, arrangement" and it can be interpreted as "ordered universe". Saint Cosmas was martyred together with his brother Damian in Cilicia in the early 10th century A.D., and came to be widely revered in the Eastern Church. Among the numerous variants of the surname Kuzma are Kozmin, Kozmian, Kosmin, Kuzminsky, Kuzmich, Kuzmics, Kozma, Kuzkin, Kuzmyanko, Kuzik, Kuzemchikov and Kuzyukin.

References to the surname Kuzma or to its variants include a record of a Croatian noble family name Kuzmich. There is a record of a descendent of this house, Michael von Kuzmich, lord of Stubica. In 1660, the status of nobility and the coat of arms of another member of this family named Lucas Kuzmich was reported in the Croatian Parliament. Another reference mentions a Polish family named Kuzmichi. This family were related to the Jasbraebier Polish clan. In Hungary, there is a record of a noble family named Kuzmics. The earliest reference to this family date from 1483 with a record of one Kuzmica de Zanadka who lived in the Comitate of Trentschiner. Another record is that of a seal from 1783 belonging to Josef von Kuzmics, counselor of the estate of Debrecain and member of the Royal Regiment.



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