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The Kuzma Coat of Arms employs symbols upon a shield following the traditional system of heraldry which originated in medieval times.  Heraldry, which developed among the nobles in the 11th century, was instituted primarily for the purpose of distinguishing one man in armor from another during the confusion of battle.  The heraldic symbols, or charges, chosen by an individual for his personal coat of arms could reflect his heritage, achievement, rank, occupation or personal characteristics.

Individual surnames originated for the purpose of more specific identification.  The four primary sources for second names were: occupation, location, father's name and personal characteristics.  According to Elsdon C. Smith's "New Dictionary of American Family Names", the surname Kuzma was patronymical in origin and meant, "descendant of Kuzma".  This and other sources placed the name originally in the Ukraine.  The most common variation of Kuzma is Kuschma.  The Kuzma Coat of Arms is based on information derived from its meaning, linguistics or historical interpretation.

Heraldic artists of old developed their own unique language to describe an individual coast of arms.  In the traditional language of heraldry, the Kuzma Coat of Arms, would be described as"

"Argent; a sunflower ppr. at the top, a staff entwined with a serpent, arg., a label of four pendants or. placed over it."

Translation and interpretation:  The Kuzma Coat of Arms consists of a naturally colored sunflower at the top, national flower of Russia; a white staff entwined with a serpent, symbol of medicine, a reference to Kosmas, patron saint of physicians and apothecaries; a gold label of four pendants placed over it, symbol of descendancy.  The silver background indicates peace and sincerity.

Information in 1972 indicates that there were less than 775 heads of households in the United States with the Kuzma name.  The US Census Bureau in 1970 estimated that there were 3.1 persons per household, which means that fewer than 2402 people in the US bear the Kuzma name.  



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